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I Arch Studios is an architectural design studio that specializes in residential ground-up construction, home additions, ADUs, Jr. ADUs, and interior renovations. Our mission is to transform the real estate design and development process to be more intuitive and streamlined, thus serving the end client’s purpose effortlessly. What sets I Arch Studios apart from its competitors is the in-depth knowledge of the intricate building codes and regulations in Southern California, enabling the company to offer practical and cost-effective solutions that add value to our clients' properties. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients increase their home value, create generational wealth, and enhance their lifestyle as a result.

Peter Patpatian began his real estate career in Los Angeles in 2012, focusing mainly on helping people realize and manifest their home ownership goals. Finding the right home for a buyer requires experience and finesse. This streamlined Peter’s  vision to become more immersed within the field, which catapulted him into the world of architecture, design, and development.

As children, our creativity had no limits and we often used random materials to make sense of the world…Legos, Playdoh, sofa cushions being transformed into forts, and so on. In short, we let our imaginations run wild. As adults and professionals, we can still let ourselves do so, which is what Peter has done as CEO of I Arch Studios, Inc. since establishing it in 2022. During Peter’s tenure within Woodbury University’s Architecture Graduate Program was when his vision for I Arch Studios further developed. He nurtured his vision for I Arch Studios within every one of his courses, not only challenging the status quo , but also desiring to improve upon it as well. Peter  successfully graduated, began working in the field, experienced the professional growth he needed to, and realized the potential for so much more. Peter wanted to innovate the real estate design and development process to be all-encompassing so as to provide a comprehensive experience to his clients, one where they feel fully supported from conception to completion. Peter  essentially transformed his favorite childhood pastimes into his profession and fueled his creativity into his current reality, a service which he now extends to his clients.


-Peter Patpatian, CEO of I Arch Studios, Inc.

Equally passionate about his trade, I Arch Studios CFO, Todd Alagulyan, is a seasoned construction manager with five years of professional experience in the industry who has demonstrated exceptional expertise in overseeing and coordinating a number of significant construction projects. His responsibilities included managing construction teams, budgets, and timelines to ensure the successful completion of various building projects. Todd’s strong organizational and leadership skills contributed to his ability to handle complex construction projects efficiently and effectively. While his specific accomplishments and projects may vary, his dedication and commitment to the construction field have undoubtedly made him a valuable professional in the industry and a powerful figure in anchoring I Arch Studios as one of the industry’s strongest players. Todd welcomes any opportunity to help realize and materialize the vision of every client, manifesting their dreams into realities.

-Todd Alagulyan, CFO of I Arch Studios, Inc.

Transforming the real estate design and development process to be more intuitive and streamlined, thus serving the end-client’s purpose effortlessly

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